Timor-Leste celebrates important victory against Mongolia

Timor-Leste Team 2015

Timor-Leste Team 2015 – Photo by FIFA


One of the youngest teams adhering to FIFA (joined in last year of 2005) Timor-Leste’s football team, has just obtained an important a victory by the minimum result against Mongolia team.

Repeating the triumph of the 12th March (in this time Timor-Leste won the selection Mongol 4-1, in Dili), the Timorese team have the dreams to get the classification to the Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The early goal of Patrick Alves (9 minutes) allows the selection dream of the possibilities to obtain the classification.

“We want to pass the group stage. That is our main goal “explained in declarations to a portuguese site “maisfutebol” Filomeno Fernandes, vice-president of the Timorese Football Federation.

With a young team , the Timor-Leste football selection has some Brazilian players, naturalized Timorese, who helped the group overcome this first challenge. It is also commanded by a Brazilian coach, Fabio Magrão.