5 reasons to fall in love with Timor-Leste


5 reasons to fall in love with Timor-Leste

If you are looking for a lost Paradise in this world and you don’t know what to do on your next vacation, we will give you 5 reasons why you should come to visit Timor-Leste.

1. Asia’s newest country to discover

Timor-Leste is the youngest country in Asia. It was part of the Portuguese empire for 500 years and feltl under Indonesian control for another 24. Despite that, Timorese maintain their ways of seeing the world, their ancestors traditions and, what’s the most preciously, their smiles.

With many unexplored natural treasure and magnificent views this country is a “must visit” to every nature lover and off track adventurer.

Photo by VisitEastTimor.com

2. Desert beaches

Due to the lack of tourists, Timor-Leste’s beaches are full of space for you to put your towel and every time you reach them you think you are the first in the world to step on that perfect sand. If you don’t mind the slow roads, get out of Díili and drive along the coast looking for your own corner in the country. Rest assured, you’ll find plenty to choose from!


One Dollar Beach. Photo by VisitEastTimor.com

3. One of the best coffees in the world

With 46% per cent of Timor-Leste relying on coffee for their income, the country has achieved a prime quality product. With its unique brighter flavor atypical for Asian produced coffee, this organic coffee exhibits a low-toned yet vibrant acidity..

Photo by RobertMichaelPoole.com

Photo by RobertMichaelPoole.com

4. Snorkeling around untouched reefs

Do you remember Finding Nemo? Yes, in the coast of Timor-Leste and in the calm waters of Atauro Island it’s possible to find Nemo and his entire family! With a huge variety of coral reefs and away from the crowds of tourists running after each other to enjoy it, you’ll find yourself with a Timorese, going just a couple of minutes in a traditional boat and enjoying first class snorkeling and diving.

Photo by Divetimor.com

Photo by Divetimor.com

5. Traditional local markets

Wander through the misty markets in mountain villages that sell all kind of colorful “produtos nascidos da terra” (literally translated as goods born from the land) or find your holiday souvenir at the famous Tais Market.

The traditional markets are a mandatory visit when in Timor if you want to feel the proximity and engage with the locals. You will find yourself inside the stalls bargaining for your Tais while at the same time there might be a few timorese traders outside trying to find the antenna signal on a TV placed in the middle of the street or happy children playing. From quilts to shoes or bags and small purses to earrings, rings or bracelets, the variety is immense and beautiful and the difficulty will be to choose.


Photo by VisitEastTimor.com

The food markets are also a must do visit. In Dili you find several next to the sea in Lecidere or a bit more out of the centre in Taibesi.  There, you will really find the local producers with all kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables, more than you can imagine. From potatoes, beetroots, beans and peas to fresh tofu and red rice or strange fruits like Jambo. The avocado, anona, papaya and mangos are delicious and fresh. Don’t miss the fresh coconut water available everywhere!!


Photo by VisitEastTimor.com

All this is just waiting for you!

Timor-Leste Public Holidays for 2018

The public fixed holidays for 2018 are determined by the Law n.10/2005 of 10th of August (and amended by Law n. 3/2016, of 25th of May):

1st of January – New Year’s Day
3rd of March – Veterans Day
1st of May – World Labour Day
20th of May – Restoration of Independence Day
30th of August – Popular Consultation Day
1st of November – All Saints Day
2nd of November – All Souls Day
12th of November – National Youth Day
28th of November – Proclamation of Independence Day
7th of December – Memorial Day
8th of December – Day of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception and Timor-Leste Patroness
25th of December – Christmas Day
31st of December – National Heroes Day

Variable date for public holiday:

Holy Friday, inserted in the Christian celebrations of the Easter
Corpus Christi, inserted in the Christian celebrations
Idul Fitri, as the day that marks, for the Muslims, the end of Ramadan
Idul Adha, as a day of sacrifice for Muslims

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Whale found off Timor-Leste’s coast

Some more great news for Timor-Leste and our biologists that love visiting our country to explore its natural habitats and fauna. As reported by Reuters,a whale area has been discovered just off the coast. Some say that this is among one of the top places in the world with the highest concentration of whales and dolphins.

Main scientist Karen Edyvane told Reuters “We were all amazed to see such an abundance, diversity and density of cetaceans. Most of them are actually protected.”

Check out the full news here.


“How about Timor-Leste?” by a Traveller

“How about Timor-Leste?”
This was the question VisitEastTimor.com made to this portuguese traveller. After 7 month “walking” around the Asia he faced the Timorese reality.

What to say about this recent country, full of an history that played an important role in the world as we now by know? Let’s face it, it’s still an unknown country, with basically no Tourism, who lacks a lot of basic infrastructures but… At the same time, a country full of welcoming, joyful and curious people, ready to help you as best as they can. An unexplored world with beautiful beaches, huge coral reefs and very good coffee… It’s not easy to travel around, for sure, and that’s what makes Timor-Leste a real traveling and challenging experience… In the end, I felt really happy and proud of being here… I’ll return, if possible. Timor has a lot to offer. It’s just not “on the other side of the road”

Timor-Leste by Pedro Ramos

Timor-Leste by Pedro Ramos

Thank you Pedro and we hope to see you again soon.


Tour of Timor 2015

The Tour of Timor is an annual event of mountain biking in which hundreds of people from various parts of the world participate, and where the greatest trophy of the event are the rustic scenery and the comforting environment that only Timorese people know how to offer.

In 2015 this event will take place on 13 to 15 September, and if you have never visited East Timor before this is a good time to reconcile the innate desire for adventure with the possible discovery of landscapes of an unusual natural beauty and tracks that have never been traveled, of an island ever discovered but little explored.

So do not miss this incredible opportunity and come enjoy the numerous benefits that it has to offer.

VisitEastTimor.com lands in Same

We would like to thank to all the people who follow us every day. We have news about our site for you all… The first photos by our team have been taken in Same. Take a look 🙂

pousada_same same_vila same_vila_antiga

Initiative for young Timorese in Portugal

Concerned and dedicated to social and solidarity projects that can provide a substantial improvement for the populations that need it the most, VisitEastTimor.com is pleased to share the following initiative from a Portuguese non-profit organization:

To promote the EUROPEAN YEAR FOR DEVELOPMENT, Help Images is currently producing a film and looking for young Timorese living in Portugal, between 20 and 25 years old (both male and female), to appear as figurants.

The footage is going to be on April 3th and each Timorese that wishes to join this initiative and be a part of this film production, will receive 60€.

Candidates must send full body photo and portrait to the email: geral@helpimages.org

For more details or other questions feel free to contact Help Images – www.helpimages.org

HELP IMAGES is a non-profit organization (NGO) created with the objective of promoting social awareness and visibility for charities/NGOs in the communities in which they operate by providing media services with cost-effective and dedicated solutions.

Iniciativa para jovens Timorenses em Portugal

Preocupado e dedicado a projetos sociais e de solidariedade que possam proporcionar uma melhoria substancial para as populações que mais precisam, VisitEastTimor.com tem o prazer de partilhar a seguinte iniciativa de uma organização portuguesa sem fins lucrativos:

No âmbito do Ano Europeu para o Desenvolvimento, a Help Images encontra-se a produzir um filme e neste sentido está à procura de figurantes –  jovens timorenses que residam em Portugal, de ambos os sexos e entre 20 e 25 anos de idade.

A filmagem vai ser realizada no dia 3 de Abril e cada jovem timorense que deseje aderir a esta iniciativa e fazer parte desta produção cinematográfica, receberá 60 €.

Os interessados devem enviar uma fotografia de corpo inteiro e um retrato para o email: geral@helpimages.org.

Para mais informações poderão contactar directamente a Help Images – www.helpimages.org

HELP IMAGES é uma organização sem fins lucrativos, com estatuto de utilidade publica desde Junho de 2008, cuja missão é promover a consciencialização social, cívica e ambiental das populações, através da produção de conteúdos de media dedicados.


Timor-Leste celebrates important victory against Mongolia

Timor-Leste Team 2015

Timor-Leste Team 2015 – Photo by FIFA


One of the youngest teams adhering to FIFA (joined in last year of 2005) Timor-Leste’s football team, has just obtained an important a victory by the minimum result against Mongolia team.

Repeating the triumph of the 12th March (in this time Timor-Leste won the selection Mongol 4-1, in Dili), the Timorese team have the dreams to get the classification to the Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The early goal of Patrick Alves (9 minutes) allows the selection dream of the possibilities to obtain the classification.

“We want to pass the group stage. That is our main goal “explained in declarations to a portuguese site “maisfutebol” Filomeno Fernandes, vice-president of the Timorese Football Federation.

With a young team , the Timor-Leste football selection has some Brazilian players, naturalized Timorese, who helped the group overcome this first challenge. It is also commanded by a Brazilian coach, Fabio Magrão.

A lot of love with 10.000 Likes

Launched in August 2014, VisitEastTimor.com, the newly website dedicated to Timor-Leste tourism, reaches an amazing number on social networks with 10000 likes on Facebook page.

With a young team, committed to empower the local community by developing a fresh and innovative strategy that will allow the tourism sector to grow, after 5 months of activity this is a very awarded recognition for the heart and soul that the team brought to this project.

A lot of hard and dedicated work is coming and will be showed with new ideas, partnerships and services that VisitEastTimor.com intends to provide for all the tourist or travelers that wish to visit Timor-Leste.

The team would like to express their meaningful appreciation for the support of all the fans across the world that allowed this success, being part of a major ongoing project to put Timor-Leste on track for tourism destination.

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39th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Independence

On 28th November, 1975, Timor-Leste was declared an independent state, after 400 years of colonization. Since that day is named Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste.

This is a remarkable date for timorese people, that brings in memory their former and first president, Nicolau Lobato, that was also the first leader of the Armed Resistance.

All the 13 districts are celebrating. Former leaders of Resistance, and some timorese who helped them in their struggle and dedication on behalf of an independent and free country, will be awarded with medals.

Let’s join this celebration and continue to help developing and improving our beloved Timor-Leste.

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