“How about Timor-Leste?” by a Traveller

“How about Timor-Leste?”
This was the question VisitEastTimor.com made to this portuguese traveller. After 7 month “walking” around the Asia he faced the Timorese reality.

What to say about this recent country, full of a history that played an important role in the world as we know. Let’s face it, it’s still an unknown country, with basically no Tourism, who lacks a lot of basic infrastructures but… At the same time, a country full of welcoming, joyful and curious people, ready to help you as best they can. An unexplored world with beautiful beaches, huge coral reefs and very good coffee… It’s not easy to travel around, for sure, and that’s what makes Timor-Leste a real traveling and challenging experience… In the end, I felt really happy and proud of being here… I’ll return, if possible. Timor has a lot to offer. It’s just not “on the other side of the road”

Timor-Leste by Pedro Ramos

Timor-Leste by Pedro Ramos

Thank you Pedro and we hope to see you again soon.


A lot of love with 10.000 Likes

Launched in August 2014, VisitEastTimor.com, the newly website dedicated to Timor-Leste tourism, reaches an amazing number on social networks with 10000 likes on Facebook page.

With a young team, committed to empower the local community by developing a fresh and innovative strategy that will allow the tourism sector to grow, after 5 months of activity this is a very awarded recognition for the heart and soul that the team brought to this project.

A lot of hard and dedicated work is coming and will be showed with new ideas, partnerships and services that VisitEastTimor.com intends to provide for all the tourist or travelers that wish to visit Timor-Leste.

The team would like to express their meaningful appreciation for the support of all the fans across the world that allowed this success, being part of a major ongoing project to put Timor-Leste on track for tourism destination.

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P&O Cruises puts Timor-Leste on new itinerary

Being a well recognized cruises company, P&O Cruises now brings Timor-Leste a new kind of tourism by introducing Díli on their itinerary.

The new itinerary – Indonesian Explorer – will be available for a unique travel experience of 16 nights in the Pacific Jewel ship.

The first trip will be in June 2015, departing from Singapore and stopping in the ports of: Semarang, Benoa (Bali), Komodo, Díli (Timor-Leste), Alotau, Doini Island, Kawanasausau and Milne, Brisbane.

This is one more step for Timor-Leste make a statement in tourism destinations.

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