east timor cuisine

east timor cuisine

Cuisine of East Timor

In East Timor the gastronomy is mostly influenced by Southeast Asian foods and the Portuguese typical dishes from its period under Portuguese influence. Regional popular ingredients are pork, basil, vegetables, fish, rice, corn, tropical fruit and root vegetables.

Popular dishes in East Timor

As many other countries in the region the food is typical divided into two different categories: non-vegetarian and vegetarian. Since agriculture is one of the most important sectors in the country, the cuisine uses mainly rice (since its largely homegrown). Other types of main bases for the dishes of East Timor are sweet potatoes, corn, cassava (type of mandioca) and taro. To add up to the base of every dish there is usually a vegetable component, also with home grown products such as cow-peas, onions, spinach and cabbage. In East Timor is common for the family to domesticate some sort of live stock, hence you know that this will also be a part of their cuisine.

Commonly, you find the dishes combine pigs, poultry and goats. Together with meat, fish also occupies a huge range of food (since after agriculture is the nations second biggest sector). Usually the fish is fried and prawns are considered a national delicacy. Below there are a couple of national dishes and links to their recipes in case you want to give it a try yourself at home before you eat the real food:

  • Batar Da’an – a mix of pumpkin, corn and beans (recipe here)
  • Ikan Sabuko
  • Tapai – slightly alcoholic made with fermented rice (recipe here)
  • Katupa – rice on coconut milk
  • Tukir
  1. I am coming to Timor-Leste very soon and I am a total foodie! Can anybody recommend any other foods/drinks to try and also popular restaurants or places where I should try a signature dish? Thanks in advance, I am so excited to come to this amazing country!!

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