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Welcome to Timor-Leste

Welcome to Timor-Leste

With hardly-touched ‘best-in-the-world’ reefs to dive, dugongs to spot, mountains to climb, and ancient traditions that have survived the ravages of war, Asia’s newest country offer some of the world’s last great off-the-beaten-track adventures.

Get an insight into Timor-Leste’s dark history in Dili’s museums, then venture out of the capital. Do you know the meaning of the colors in East Timor Flag?

Hike to jungle caves, wander through misty mountain village markets and sip local coffee on the terrace of grand Portuguese pousadas.

Bump along diabolical roads, stopping for photos of the seascapes as you grip the cliffs along the coast.

Strap on a snorkel and marvel at the pristine reefs that fringe the north coast and Ataúro, or delve deeper with dive companies that are proud to show off sites with superlative reef fish biodiversity.

Trailblaze your way through this amazing country, and find out what everyone else has been missing.

If you want to know the places to visit in East Timor, where is East Timor (Timor-Leste) located or just the weather looks like, welcome to our site.

We bring you all a travel guide with all info about Timor-Leste so you don’t need to waste time searching around.

East Timor, an Island of Surprises

East Timor it’s a hidden gem with superb and untouched natural beauty.

Its territory with only 270 km long by 75 wide, grasped stunning natural scenery, beautiful beaches, tropical forests and large mountain ranges.

A destination (almost) untouched by human hand, ideal for ecotourism.

But Timor is also the mystical soul of its people, with a unique history and a huge culture waiting to be rediscovered.

This new country is born from the perseverance of one of the greatest leaders of our time: Xanana Gusmão.

A Magical Place

Someone once said that East Timor is like ”a big mountain”. In fact, wherever you go, you need to climb hills or down hills and valleys.

From Dili towards Maubisse, you will have to climb, zigzagging down a road sandwiched between an abysm and rugged elevations of the mountain range that separates the North from the South.

Its Ainaro district, however, from the village of Hato Builico, which reaches the top of the Tata Mai Lau, the highest point of the ridge Ramelau ( 2960 meters).

The dark green mangroves give way to blue transparent waters of Metinaro Beach, about 30 km from the capital.

Later come to the paddies Baucau and in the distance, hundreds of palm trees.

A landscape of great beauty only exceeded by the oasis of white sand that lurks in the easternmost tip of Timor, the district Lautém.

Tutuala is an enchanted beach, hidden in the vegetation, and a harbor bathed by clear waters, from where the boats of fishermen to desert islet of Jaco, a reserve of turtles.

Timorese believe that this is a magical place and therefore keep the tiny unspoiled island.

Religion in East Timor

The majority of the population of East Timor is Catholic, and the Catholic Church is the dominant religious institution, although it is not formally the state religion.

There are also small Protestant and Muslim communities.

According to CIA World Factbook:

  • Roman Catholic 97.6%
  • Protestant/Evangelical 2%
  • Muslim 0.2%
  • other 0.2%

The Warm and Amazing Beaches of East Timor

Beaches: are many warm and good. Extend the North and South coasts are hidden corners of golden sand and miles and miles of black sand.

As the beach Liquiçá, an hour of Dili, or Betano on the coast of the Timor Sea.

But, as has already been said the real paradise is East: the desert island of Jaco and the white sand beach of Tutuala.

For practitioners of recreational diving and snorkeling, reserve other secrets on the coast of the Oecusse enclave on the island of Atauro and around Dili, Baucau direction.

EAST TIMOR, I’m in Heaven

Air travel between Dili and Oecusse enclave is a unique opportunity to new and surprising revelations.

From the top, the coast gets a cut even more pronounced, the sea sinks and gains new shades.

Other sensations who will opt for an overland journey from the capital to Baucau.

Along the coast, the landscape becomes continually change up the reliefs, multiply the forms, the colors intensify and define the contours.

And thus Nature will paint a picture that leaves us in the clouds, to the extent that we discover slowly, leisurely, winding roads.

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