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Jaco Island: Discover Heaven on Earth

Jaco Island: Discover Heaven on Earth

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Jaco island is a deserted island in the Pacific with a forest full of different types of trees, fine white sand, clear water to walk to a light blue until it gets a darker tint, creating a beautiful degrade of blues.

It is located on the easternmost point of the island of Timor. Politically it is part of Tutuala subdistrict (district of Lautém).

It is separated from the island of Timor by a narrow channel, which allows crossing only by small boats.

It presents approximately 8 sq km of the area and at most loom above the sea, Jaco Island is like the featured item in the catalog of perfect beach islands, ringed by a circle of Hawless, fine white sand lapped by azure waters.

Uninhabited, it is considered sacred by the autochthonous peoples no one lives on the island, making it illegal to spend the night in the islet.

But a visit during the day is fine as Tutuala Beach is just a short way across the shallow channel.

Get to Jaco Island

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You simply have to talk to the fishermen there at Tutuala beach who will cross you with their boat for 10 USD (this is the across and back normal price).

The travel is around three to five minutes each way – they will wait up to a couple of hours or come back later.

Avoid the real temptation just to swim it – the currents through the narrow passage are swift.

For visitors, Jaco is all about walking the sands and being immersed not just in the beautiful waters, but also in the solitude and absolute silence that prevails in this special place.

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Biodiversity of Jaco Island

In addition to its natural beauty, with white sand beaches, Jaco is home to endemic bird species, including the pigeon-cuckoo and the cream-breasted whistler.

Recognizing this fact and interest of Jaco for the conservation of biodiversity, the island was included in the Nino Konis Santana National Park, the first National Park of Timor-Leste, created on August 3, 2007 by the State Department of Protected Areas and National Parks Timorese.

Snorkeling in Jaco Island

Take your own snorkeling gear

The waters surrounding are warm and very clear and the island is full of coral and rich marine fauna. You will find a lot of colorful fish to look at whilst snorkeling.

Jaco Island is a small island that is part of the Small Sunda Islands group.

Small Sunda Islands

The Small Sunda Islands are a group of islands south of the Malay archipelago. Together with the Great Sunda Islands to the west, they form the so-called Sunda Islands.

They form a volcanic arch, the Arc of the Sonda, formed by subduction along the Java Phossa. Politically, Small Sunda Islands are divided between the independent state of Timor Leste and the Indonesian provinces of Bali, the Western Probe, and the Eastern Probe.

Check this Travel Experience to Jaco Island in first hand.

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