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Dili (Díli) is the capital of Timor-Leste. It is mainly a commercial and administrative center, with a few Portuguese touches such as villa-lined beach roads and the ruins of an old fort built in 1627.

The long stretch of waterfront with the nearby Palácio do Governador remains a place of commerce and leisure and a focal point for evening walks and weekends.

A massive statue of Jesus Christ dominates the headland hilltop at Cape Fatucama. The best-known beaches in Dili (Díli) are in a sheltered cove known as Areia Branca.

Ataúru (Ataúro) Island, which is visible from the waterfront, is becoming increasingly popular as a sightseeing excursion site.

The best way to appreciate Timor-Leste’s natural beauty is to rent a car and take a scenic drive along the spectacular coastline to Manatutu (Manatuto), Baukau (Baucau) and Kom (Com) in Lospalos.

A number of international cuisines can be found, from the traditional Timorese dishes to Portuguese, Italian, Western, Chinese, Thai or Japanese cuisine.

Sightseeing excursions and expeditions to visit the country are available, as well as car and motorbike rentals.

Backpacking and trekking are well suited for our countries’ characteristics. This is a good alternative for the adventurous to really appreciate both nature and tradition.


Maubisi (Maubisse) – Hatubuiliku (Hato Builico), Ainaru (Ainaro) District. Mountains and deep valleys, stunning alpine scenery with traditional Mambae houses and farms and a lovely pousada (guest lodge) in Maubisi (Maubisse).

Lovely walk along a gravel road from the ruins of an old pousada at Hatubuiliku (Hato Builico) to Mimosa Forest.

Trekking and mountaineering

Ramelau or Tatamailau, Ainaru (Ainaro) District. Reach the summit of Timor-Leste’s highest mountain from Hatubuiliku (Hato Builico) over rugged terrain and forest, with a 2-hour round trip.

Freshwater springs run all year, with rain rituals in October.

A 6-hour trek will take you to Loelaco Mountain near Maliana, through Bobonaru (Bobonaro) town and Marobo, with a chance to see the region’s characteristic traditional cone-shaped houses.

Bird watching

Timor-Leste has 25 protected bird species, ranging from eagles to parakeets, which can be spotted throughout the country, especially in Lautein (Lautém) district.

Lautein (Lautém) also boasts one of the country’s largest lakes, Ira Lalaro.

Whale and dolphin watching

Dolphins are common in the waters all around Timor-Leste, particularly in Manatutu (Manatuto) district, Carimbala, Likisá (Liquiçá) district, and Tutuala in Lospalos.

Large groups of migrating whales are often seen in the deep waters between Ataúru (Ataúro) Island and Dili (Díli).

Scuba diving and snorkeling

Timor-Leste has kilometer after kilometer of pristine coral reefs, offering some of the best diving in the world.

There are several diving companies running scuba safaris to sites in Dili (Díli), Ataúru (Ataúro) Island, Manatutu (Manatuto) District, Tutuala and Jaku (Jaco) Island in Lospalos.

Timor-Leste’s reefs are home to a vast diversity of marine creatures, from turtles to whales sharks and dazzling shoals of colorful tropical fish.

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