There are several supermarkets in Dili if you want to get supplies. But if you are in for a treat there are two main gems that we advise you to visit:

Tais market

Tais market Dili

Tais Market

The Tais Market is a uniquely Timorese mercado with high quality hand-made Tais, traditional jewelry, bags and handicraft. Is easy to walk around and talk with the stall holders about marine life or the best souvenir to bring home with you. Nobody is pushy here to sell you goods which is a plus and you can experience first hand the Timorense friendliness. The prices are much cheaper that you can get to up-street market such as the newly built Timor Plaza (like any shopping mall anywhere in the world).

For other travelers reviews check the Trip Advisor entry for the Tais market.

Comoro market

On the main road to the airport you can find the Comoro market (one of the two major markets in Dili). It’s not easy to find so if you are unsure you are going into the right direction just ask around since it’s widely known in the area. The stalls are absolutely amazing, it might seem a little grim on the outside and for sure it gets muddy in the wet season but this is definitely a local gem for everyday supplies.

Let us know if there are other markets currently in Dili that we are missing, just fill in the form on our contact page.



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