Everyone likes a smooth travel experience. Also it is frequently the small parts that matter! Particularly when things work the same way from one nation to another, like cash matters, transport frameworks, visa standards and regulations, as well as the weather. This is the reason we’ve assembled here everything you have to think about when travelling to East Timor. Below you will find fundamental information that will help you to get around without breaking a sweat. If you want to know more about how to get to the city from the airport, read our tips here.

Visa Requirements

Lets learn how to get a Timor Leste Visa.

East Timor allows all citizens of states that are contracting parties to the Schengen Agreement to stay without a visa for a maximum period of 90 days in any 180-day period.

There is also a visa exemption for holders of diplomatic or service passports of China.

If visitors arrive at a land border (except for Indonesian and Portuguese nationals), they must apply in advance for a Visa Application Authorization which is then presented to an immigration official at the border. If other conditions are met a single or multiple entry visa valid for up to 90 days is granted for a fee of US$30.Travellers applying in advance may be granted a visa valid for up to 90 days stay, which can be valid for single or multiple entries.

Look at the Immigration Department of East Timor, and particularly the connection to the Tourist Visa for items on visa prerequisites, and for portions on the best way to request a “visa requisition authorization” (which may be got via email before you travel), or how to seek a visa at an Embassy or Consulate if you need to enter from a land/sea border crossing. Apart from Tourist & Business Visas, different visas are accessible and include Transit Visa, Working Visa, Studying Visa, Cultural, Scientific, Sport & Media Visa and Residence Visa. To be granted a Traveller Visa the following requirements should be met, as expressed by the Immigration Department of East Timor.

The traveller should:

  • Show plan of stay or a genuine visit interest (as vacationer or business excursion).
  • Show sufficient funds for time of proposed stay (access to Us$100 on passage & Us$50 for every day).
  • Exhibit arranged accommodation, hold a return ticket or indicate the capacity to reserve one on its own.

Visitors are likely to be surveyed as being of great character and health before they will be allowed the visa or allowed to enter East Timor. All outsiders trying to enter East Timor on a brief visa are asked to have a valid national identification (passport) with an expiry date at least 6 months from the date of entrance into East Timor and should have no less than one clear page accessible for Visa stamp.

When you seek a Visa on landing, the visa will be conceded for the term of stay up to 30 days, and is good for a single entry. If you wish to extended the stay, the cost is US$35 for up to 30 days, or US$75 for between 30 and 60 days. Extension of a tourist visa past 30 days requires a patron (also known as a sponsor), an East Timorese national or work-permit holder, who should complete a “Termo de Responsabilidade” (which stands for “Term of Responsibility”, basically stating that the person will be responsible for you, ensuring your behavior and consistence with East Timorese laws for the length of time of your stay).

The individuals who apply ahead of time for a visitor visa at an Embassy or Consulate, or who apply via email coordinated with the Immigration Department for a “visa application authorization” might request a visa permit up to 90 days, with single or numerous entrances. Guests are encouraged to hold the essential amount of money in US Dollars for the cost of the visa expenses upon landing at the airport/arriving at the border. The ATMs available at the airport are placed after the immigration office, so guests must have US$30 in cash to pay for their visa. Portuguese passport holders don’t require a visa for short stays (max 90 days).

Loss of passport

If you lose your international identification (passport, national identity card) while in East Timor, please make a police report promptly and approach your government office in Dili to seek a replacement document.


  1. We have had a lot of problems with getting a visa authorisation form as when I applied on line they said I had to apply through an Embassy. Other times when I have emailed the embassy in Kupang and Jakarta and had a friend in Jakarta ph the embassy no one answers the ph or emails. We are now in Kupang and the embassy is closed for a week! They don’t make it easy for tourists! So may have to fly back to Bali then on to Dili but at the airport we can only get a 30 day visa when we need a 90 day one. Also not sure how we get to Oecussi as it appears that the fast ferry has ceased working and can’t find any information on the aeroplane . Do you have any info on these?

    • Hello Neil,

      Nationals of other countries (except Portugal and Indonesia) may only apply for a Tourist and Business Visa on arrival at :

      the International Airport in Dili or
      Dili Sea Port.

      If arriving from Land Border you have to apply from visa and have to allow at least 10 working days for processing of an application.

      You can check for all informations @ http://migracao.gov.tl/html/sub0301.php

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