trekking hiking mt ramelau

trekking mt ramelau

Trekking in Timor

There is 4wd (four wheel drive) and truck access to the 1900 meter high village of Hatobuilico and from that point you can begin the trek over Mount Tatamailau.
The trek is then along the spine of the Rumelau mountains and down to the town of Ainaro. A short transport excursion and afterward a stroll up finishes the circuit again to Hatobuilico.
This medium to hard walk includes one night in a shrub camp and one night in Ainar

Trekking Mt Ramelau

Tatamailau, once in a while alluded as Mount Ramelau, is the most elevated mountain in East Timor with 2,986 m (9,797 ft). The mountain is placed nearly 70 km (43 mi) of the capital Dili in the area of Ainaro.
In Portuguese pilgrim days it was the most elevated heap of the entire Portuguese provincial realm. The name “Tatamailau” is Mambai-origin, the nearby dialect and means “Grandfather of all”. “Ramelau” is the name of the massif of the mountain.
The Tatamailau is devoted to the Virgin Mary and the subject of a yearly journey celebrating the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, around March 25. There is a three meter high statue of the Virgin Mary on the top.

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