Timor Coffee

Timor Coffee


East Timorese local coffee is developed naturally and tastes marvelous. Coffee was introduced in East Timor by the Portuguese. The method for making coffee is to roast the beans till they turn black and let out an incredible aroma and hints of cocoa. Low acidity levels give Timor Leste’s coffee its heavenly taste.

Verify you purchase your coffee in a traditional market as opposed to in Dili’s markets, where the item is liable to be preground and is frequently stale.




Timorese Tais and Handicrafts

Tais and Handicrafts

Timorese Tais & Handicrafts

Tais is a local type of weaving made by the ladies of East Timor. Every region makes distinctively composed and shaded Tais – and each one outline speaks to an unique family. Tais additionally make incredible gifts and souvenirs. In Díli, visit the Tais market for an extraordinary determination from distinctive districts in East Timor.

Different painstaking work incorporate ethnic woodcarvings, batik fabric and weaved fabrics. Woodcarvings are available to be purchased from numerous road sellers, and incorporate carvings of crocodiles, nearby individuals, covers and in addition vessels.

Timorese Local Produce & Markets

East Timor doesn’t have the mixed variety of items or shops that travelers are typically used to. Be that as it may, there are markets in every town on the island and these cook sufficiently to nearby needs. A visit to an East Timorese business is an unquestionable requirement, and will supply all fresh local produce of the area that you may need.

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