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Bobonaro is a well-known city in East Timor country. This is also included in the list of administrative cities that are mentioned within the Democratic Republic of East Timor, also known as Timor-Leste.

When it comes to the most western districts of East Timor, this city has been ranked with the second spot. According to the census carried out in 2004, the population of this city is estimated to be 82,385. The area of this city is 1,368 square kilometers. Some of the well-known sub-cities of Bobonaro are such as Maliana, Lolotoi (also known as Lolotoe), Cailaco, Balibo, Atabae, etc. This district was the same as of now in the Portuguese Timor. However, it was later named as the capital city of Vila Armindo Monteiro and was renamed as Bobonaro.

You will locate the Savu Sea in the northern parts of the Bobonaro city. In fact, it also borders some other well-known cities of East Timor such as Cova-Lima, Ainaro, Ermaera, and Liquicia. The well-known province of Indonesia named as Nusa Tenggara Timur lies in the western part of this city. Maliana, which is also the fourth largest city in East Timor, is the capital city of the Bobonaro. In fact, the city Maliana itself holds the population of 13,200, as per the census carried out in the year 2004. It is located at 125.22°E and 9.00°S, i.e. from the southwest areas of Dili, which is the capital city of the nation. The other two well known, as well as the largest sub-cities in Bobonaro, are Lolotoi and Auba. Auba holds a population of 6,700 people; on the other hand, Lolotoi is populated with 3,800 people.

The well-known main road border of East Timor country named as Mota’ain is located in Bobonaro. In fact, this road border was used in the Second World War for crossing into the West Timor of Indonesia. This city is of course included in the list of top touring destinations of East Timor. In fact, Bobonaro is well surrounded by natural scenic beauties such as mountains and beaches. The climate of this city also plays an important role to make this city a convenient touring destination. This city is busy with millions of vacationers every year. You will also find many top-ranked hotels in this beautiful city.

However, the unfortunate part of this city is that it greatly suffered from many violence activities, especially during the war of East Timor independence. In fact, the city in Bobonaro named as Balibo was said to be 70% destroyed by the violent acts carried out by military forces. Unfortunately, this is also the same site, where five top-ranked journalists of Australia with no mercy were killed by the paramilitary forces sent.

When it comes to languages spoken in Bobonaro, Kemak, Bunak are the two well-known Malayo-Polynesian languages, which are frequently spoken by most of the people in this city. In fact, these are the two languages, which the constitution designated as national languages. As usual, Portuguese and Tetum also hold the top spots.

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