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Emergency Numbers

Emergency Numbers

Key Emergency Contacts

In the event of an emergency in East Timor, it’s crucial to know the right numbers to call. Keep this list handy:

  • Police: For immediate police assistance, dial 112 or 723 0635.
  • Emergency Medivac: In case of a medical evacuation, contact +61 2 93722468.
  • Dili National Hospital: For medical emergencies, call 331 1000 or 331 1008.
  • Bombeiros Fire Rescue: In case of a fire or rescue situation, dial 331 2210, 332 4019, or 723 0686.
  • Timor Ambulance Service: For ambulance services, reach out to 331 1044 or 723 3212.
  • Dili National Ambulance, Emergency: Another number for emergency ambulance services is 331 0541.
  • Portuguese Clinic: For medical assistance in Portuguese, contact a doctor at 723 4761 or a nurse at 726 3158.

Additional Tips for Handling Emergencies

  1. Local Language Barrier: If you’re not fluent in Tetum or Portuguese, consider downloading a translation app or carrying a phrasebook.
  2. Know Your Location: Always be aware of your exact location. This can be crucial in guiding emergency services to you quickly.
  3. Travel Insurance: If you’re a visitor, ensure you have travel insurance that covers emergency medical services and evacuation.
  4. Embassy Contact: If you’re a foreign national, keep the contact details of your embassy handy in case of legal or medical emergencies.
  5. First Aid Training: Basic knowledge of first aid can be vital while waiting for emergency services, consider a short course before traveling.
  6. Emergency Apps: Some regions may have specific apps for emergency services. Check if there’s one for East Timor and install it on your phone.

Telephone System in East Timor

  • Country Code: +670
  • International Access Code: 00
  • Area Codes: Divided into Western, Central, and Eastern regions.
    • Western Region: Manufahi (21X XXXX), Cova Lima (22X XXXX), etc.
    • Central Region: Dili (31X XXXX, 32X XXXX, etc.
    • Eastern Region: Baucau (41X XXXX), Manatuto (42X XXXX), etc.
  • Mobile Numbers: Range from 73xx-xxxx to 78xx-xxxx.
  • Service Numbers: Begin with 721-XXXX.
  • Government Departments: Typically use numbers starting with 333.
  • Special Service Numbers:
    • Ambulance: 110
    • Fire Dept: 115
    • General Emergency: 112

Stay Safe and Informed – Remember, in any emergency, staying calm and clearly communicating the nature of your emergency and location is key. It’s always better to be prepared and have these numbers accessible, so consider saving them in your phone or keeping a printed copy with you.

Your Safety is Our Concern – Stay Informed, Stay Protected in East Timor. 🚑🚨🚒

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