airport Dili Nicolau labato

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East Timor’s international airport is Presidente Nicolau Lobato International Airport (airport code: DIL). Since the airport doesn’t have its own website, if you want to check departures and arrivals we would recommend

After obtaining your visa to enter the country (our Visa & Immigration page clarifies what you will need – its a must read!)

The airport – also known as Comodoro airport – is about 6km west of Dili. The best way to get to the city (if you haven’t arrange a transfer from your hotel) is to get a taxi. Taxi drivers will request a fixed rate of US$10, you could try to bargain with them no offense is taken. Alternatively, you can walk to the main street next to the airport to pick a mikrolet (which are small minibuses that are used by locals as a shared cab – cool picture in flickr here.).

There are also local companies that provide transfer from and to the airport, these can be booked in your hotel (if they don’t offer pick up service themselves) or online, however this is usually much more expensive.

Check out our article about how to flight to Timor-Leste if you need more information about airlines that fly in and out of Dili.

* Updated the fixed price of UD$10

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