Are you planning a trip to Bali and wondering about your duty-free allowance for alcohol? Look no further! This ultimate guide is tailored for Aussies like you, providing all the information you need about duty-free Bali allowance in 2023. Whether it’s about bringing alcohol, tobacco, or other products, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know before your upcoming adventure to Bali!

How much alcohol can I bring into Bali in 2023?

You can bring 1 liter of alcohol into Bali as your duty-free allowance. For those over 18, that’s the limit. Anything beyond this might get taken by Customs. So, stick to that limit and enjoy your trip!

Can I take alcohol in my suitcase to Bali?

Sure thing! You can bring alcohol with you to Bali. Each person is allowed to bring in 1 liter of alcoholic products. Just be aware that there’s a penalty for exceeding this limit, so stick to the allowance to avoid any issues. More info

How much alcohol can you bring into Indonesia customs in 2023?

You can bring 1 liter of alcohol into Indonesian customs duty-free in 2023. Cheers to that! More info

What do I declare at customs in Bali?

When arriving in Bali, it’s important to declare certain items at customs. This includes currency, travelers’ checks, and other financial instruments if they exceed IDR 100 million. Additionally, goods and gifts valued over USD 6500 should be declared. Keep in mind that there are also restrictions on certain items like medications, food, plants, and animals. Always good to be aware of your duty-free Bali allowance.

What is the duty free limit in Indonesia?

In Indonesia, the duty-free allowance includes 200 cigarettes 50 cigars, or 200g of tobacco, along with 1L of alcoholic beverages and a reasonable quantity of perfume for personal use. Additionally, gifts up to a value of US$250 per person or US$1,000 per family are also allowed. So, if you’re planning a trip, these are the duty-free limits you must keep in mind when visiting Bali or other destinations.

How much alcohol can I take into Bali?

You can bring 1 liter of alcohol per person into Bali. The easiest way is to purchase it in duty-free shops after passing customs. If you bring your own, make sure to pack it in checked baggage. Duty-free purchases after immigration are also allowed. Cheers! More info

Does Bali airport have duty free on arrival?

Yes, Bali airport does have duty-free shopping available on arrival. You can find a range of tax-free products, including tobacco, at the Duty-Free stores in the Arrivals terminal. These stores are open 24 hours a day, making it convenient for travelers to shop for their favorite items. Additionally, Duty-Free offers a Reserve & Collect service, allowing you to save time and easily pick up your purchases.

How many cigarettes can I bring from Bali?

You’re allowed to bring a maximum of 200 cigarettes from Bali as part of your duty-free allowance. Additionally, you can also bring 50 cigars or 100 grams of tobacco per adult. In terms of alcohol, you can bring in one litre of alcoholic beverage per person over 18 years of age. Happy travels!

Can I take 3 packs of cigarettes on a plane?

Certainly, when flying domestically, Australian residents can bring along any quantity of cigarettes. However, if you’re traveling internationally, you are typically allowed to bring up to your duty-free allowance, which may vary depending on the destination. Bringing more than the duty-free allowance would require you to declare them and potentially pay additional taxes. More info

Are cigarettes cheaper in Bali?

Oh, definitely! Cigarettes in Bali are a steal. I got cartons of Benson & Hedges and Dunhill at the local supermarkets for around $12 AUD. It’s much cheaper than the duty-free at the airport. If you’re looking to stock up, Bali is the place to do it!

Can you take alcohol from Bali to Australia?

Yes, you can bring alcohol from Bali to Australia. Each adult (18 years or older) can bring up to 2.25 litres of liquor, wine, or champagne duty-free. This allowance covers all alcohol in your accompanied baggage.

How many duty free Litres of alcohol can you take into Bali?

Aussie mate, when heading to Bali, you can bring in 1 litre of duty-free alcohol per adult. But if you push it beyond that limit, you’ll be slugged with customs and duty tax, plus your stash might get swiped. So, stick to the limits and enjoy your trip! More info

How many packs of cigarettes can I bring to Australia from Bali?

You can bring tobacco products from Bali to Australia if you’re 18 or older. Duty-free allowance includes one unopened packet of up to 25 cigarettes or 25 grams of other tobacco products. Enjoy your trip and make sure to check the latest regulations before you travel!

Is Bali cheap for alcohol?

In Bali, alcohol prices can differ depending on the type, where you are, and the brand you’re after. Generally, local beer tends to be more affordable, ranging from around AUD$2.10 to AUD$5.60 per bottle or can. If you’re after imported beer, you may be looking at around AUD$8.50 per bottle. So, depending on your taste, Bali can offer some good deals for alcohol. More info


In conclusion, ensuring you adhere to the duty-free Bali allowance is crucial for a smooth trip. For alcohol, you’re entitled to bring in 1 litre per person over 18. Going beyond this limit may lead to penalties and possible confiscation by customs. Remember that it’s not just alcohol – when you’re at customs in Bali, it’s important to be aware of currency limits, as well as restrictions on certain items like medications, food, plants, and animals. Lastly, know that duty-free shopping is available at Bali airport, so you can always pick up some tax-free items and enjoy your travels hassle-free. Cheers!