G’day, mates! Ready to uncover the magic of Bali with ease? While Uber might not be on the scene, there’s no need to worry. In this ultimate ride guide, we’ll show you how to navigate the island using the local favourites – Gojek or Grab. From zipping around to beach-hopping, these apps have got your back. So, grab your phone and get set to explore the tropical paradise of Bali hassle-free. Let’s dive in and discover the ins and outs of getting around this breathtaking island!

Is there an Uber in Bali?

Uber isn’t operational in Bali, but fret not, you can still catch a reliable lift easily! Hop onto the likes of Gojek or Grab, the local favourites for hailing a ride. From ground transport to food delivery, they’ve got a range of services just like Uber, all at your fingertips. So, whether you’re off to the beach or a temple, these apps are your go-to for getting around the island in a snap. Just grab your phone and you’re set to explore the tropical paradise of Bali with ease!

How tourists get around in Bali?

Tourists in Bali often hop on bemo, which are budget-friendly minibuses, for getting around the island. These are exceptionally wallet-friendly, usually setting you back less than a couple of Aussie dollars for an hour’s journey. Although their routes and timetables can be a bit unpredictable, the local crowd is always up for helping with the next pick-up spot and time. If you’re after a more tailored ride, ride-hailing apps like Uber, which operate under different brand names in Bali, are readily available to whisk you away to your next tropical adventure. Just keep an eye out for the local guidelines as some areas have specific rules about these services.

How can I get around Bali?

In Bali, hailing a taxi isn’t a drama, especially in high-traffic areas like Kuta or Seminyak. Suppose you’re after a bit more autonomy; hiring a car could be a fair dinkum idea. There are also dodgy cheap methods like public buses, and don’t forget to yarn with your hotel’s concierge, as they might sort you out with a shuttle transfer. Moreover, while you won’t find Uber, mates can opt for local ride-hailing apps that are just as convenient.

Can I use Grab in Bali?

Absolutely, you can utilise Grab in Bali, though you’ll need to grab a local SIM card loaded with data to do so. You’ll find a number of shops selling SIM cards in tourist hotspots like Kuta and Ubud. Generally, the SIMs aimed at visitors work for about a month and come with a set limit of data to keep you connected on your adventures around the island. Just remember that while Grab and its competitor, Uber, operate differently across the globe, in Bali, Grab’s got you covered for zipping around to those sun-soaked beaches or cultural landmarks.

Is Grab Bali reliable?

Grab is generally reliable in Bali, particularly in areas like Denpasar and Ubud. Many have utilised the service successfully with minimal issues. However, be aware of the local tensions due to taxi groups, especially in tourist hotspots. Therefore, Grab drivers tend to be cautious. In places like Kuta, precautions should be taken at night, as advised by locals. Always ensure your transportation plans align with the latest on-ground situation for a smooth experience.

Can Grab go to Bali airport?

Certainly, Grab is the appointed ride-hailing service at Bali airport, providing a designated lounge and collection spot right past the arrivals gate. It’s quite convenient for travellers who haven’t prearranged their transfers. Just pop over to the Grab zone once you land.

Is Grab expensive in Indonesia?

Grab typically offers affordable transportation options in Indonesia. For instance, hop onto a motorbike for a quick zip through traffic, and you might spend merely about 15,000-20,000 IDR for a 5 km journey. Fancy a car instead? A comfy 10 km trip can be quite economical too, setting you back just about 40,000-50,000 IDR. It’s worth noting, prices can vary based on demand, time of day, and specific location—even in tourist hotspots like Bali, where Uber used to operate before Grab became the go-to ride-hailing app.

What is the app for taxi in Bali?

In Bali, the Blue Bird app is your best bet for a trusted taxi service. Make sure to get familiar with the distinctive blue taxis that are licensed and widely accepted, especially in tourist hotspots. Although ride-hailing apps like Grab and Gojek are also in operation, Blue Bird is often preferred and faces less resistance in the bustling areas frequented by travellers. Keep this in mind for a smoother transport experience on your Bali adventure.

What is Indonesian Uber alternative?

In Indonesia, if you’re looking for a convenient alternative to Uber, Gojek and Grab are the go-to services for snagging a ride about town. These apps have taken over the ride-sharing scene, offering a range of transport options that are just a few taps away on your smartphone. Whether it’s a jaunt to the beach or a trip through Bali’s bustling streets, these platforms ensure you’ll have a ride that suits your needs, with the added local flavour of motorbike taxis, known as ‘ojeks,’ in the mix.

How much is a taxi for a day in Bali?

Hiring a taxi for the day in Bali, typically, will set you back around 600,000 Indonesian Rupiah, which is roughly 45 US dollars. That’s a bargain for a full day’s travel in a private car, fuel included, with enough room to fit your crew comfortably. It’s not just transport; it’s your gateway to uncovering Bali’s best-kept secrets, hopping from one destination to another with ease. Options are flexible: go for half-day hires or just a simple A to B trip if that’s what you need. No matter what, it’s a top-notch choice for weaving through Bali’s scenic routes without the fuss of flagging down a ride, like you would with Uber or other ride-hailing services.

How do I get a taxi from the airport to Bali?

To grab a ride from the Bali airport to your destination, head straight to the taxi rank just outside the arrivals where you can snag an official cab, often a Bluebird, for a set fare, close to 200,000 Rupiah to places like Seminyak. Alternatively, sort out a lift prior to your flight — having a local driver arranged can make your landing into Bali smooth and hassle-free. It’s a savvy move to avoid any wait or confusion upon touchdown. Safe travels, mate!

What is Gojek in Bali?

In Bali, Gojek is a versatile app that’s become a staple for locals and visitors alike, mate. It’s a one-stop-shop for getting around with a ride-hailing service that’s a top alternative to Uber, delivering your favourite feeds with its food delivery service, and even sorting out your bills through its digital payment platform. It’s not just about convenience; Gojek is also championing the cause to boost the livelihoods of Indonesians by providing more work opportunities.

Is Grab or Gojek cheaper in Bali?

Gojek often turns out a tad cheaper than Grab for a bunch of trips around Bali. Yet, you might score a ride quicker with Grab when it’s chockers, like during rush hour or after a downpour. Reckon it’s smart to have both apps ready to roll on your phone and just pick the one you vibe with in the moment, based on price or speed of pick-up. It’s a savvy way to navigate the island, whether you’re popping over to the beach or hitting up a cafe in Seminyak. More info

Is Indonesia using Grab or Gojek?

In Indonesia, ride-hailing giants Gojek and Grab are the trailblazers, with Gojek scooping up half the market share in terms of order volume. These platforms have revolutionised the way folks get around, offering alternatives to traditional taxis and personal vehicles, and have even become integral to the Bali transport scene, with many tourists and locals opting for their convenience and competitive pricing. More info

Do I need an Indonesian number for Gojek?

When setting up your Gojek account, which is integral for an array of services similar to what Uber offers in places like Bali, you’ll need to input a valid email and a phone number. Should you encounter any snags with a foreign number, it’s a wise move to opt for a local Indonesian, Singaporean, or Vietnamese number. This ensures an easier sign-up process and a smoother experience while navigating the app for rides or deliveries.


So, when it comes to navigating the stunning island of Bali, the absence of Uber doesn’t have to slow you down. The likes of Gojek and Grab swoop in as reliable alternatives for getting around. Whether you’re planning an adventure to the beach or an exploration of Bali’s cultural heart, these ride-hailing apps have got your back and they’re fully equipped to whisk you away to your next tropical experience. Plus, with options for everything from food delivery to tailored rides, you can be sure that your Balinese escapade will be a breeze. So, grab your phone, get ready to explore, and rest assured that these ride-hailing apps will be your indispensable travel companions as you take in the beauty of Bali. Happy adventuring!