Empreza Diak, a Timorese organization, plays a pivotal role in fighting poverty in Timor-Leste by creating livelihood opportunities and empowering communities through the sale of handicrafts.


Type: Speciality & Gift Shops
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviews: 3 reviews

Key Highlights

  • Empowerment Mission: Empreza Diak focuses on ending poverty by economically empowering people through training and small business startups.
  • Local Handicrafts: Offers a wide range of beautiful handicrafts, eco-friendly products, and innovative items produced by rural artisans.
  • Supporting Remote Communities: Purchases contribute to the economic empowerment of remote communities in Timor-Leste.

Customer Experience

  • Authentic Products: Visitors appreciate the authenticity of the handicrafts, mostly originating from Atauro.
  • Volunteer Insights: A volunteer’s experience highlights the organization’s efforts in preserving local traditions and creating sustainable income for rural communities.


  • Visit for Souvenirs: Ideal for those looking for authentic Timorese handicrafts and souvenirs.
  • Support the Cause: Purchases directly support the empowerment of local communities.


Empreza Diak stands out as a socially responsible organization that not only offers authentic Timorese handicrafts but also contributes significantly to the empowerment of remote communities. A visit to their store is not just a shopping experience but a chance to support a meaningful cause.

Discover the rich cultural heritage of Timor-Leste at Empreza Diak.