Fly Bus, a popular taxi and shuttle service in Dili, is known for its reliability and professionalism. It’s an ideal choice for travelers looking for comfortable and dependable transportation in the city.


Type: Taxis & Shuttles
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviews: 10 reviews

Key Features

  • Reliability: Known for punctual service.
  • Comfort: Offers a comfortable transportation experience.
  • Professional Service: Courteous and careful drivers.

Customer Feedback

  • Positives: On-time service, comfortable rides, and professional drivers.
  • Negatives: Instances of delays reported.

Services Offered

  • Airport Transfers: Timely airport pick-up and drop-off services.
  • City Tours: Available for city tours and exploring Dili.
  • Group Transportation: Suitable for group travel with spacious vehicles.

User Experiences

  • Mixed Reviews: Some users experienced delays, while others praised its reliability and comfort.
  • Affordable: Generally considered more affordable compared to other local services.


  • Advance Booking: Recommended to book in advance for timely service.
  • Ideal for: Solo travelers, couples, and groups looking for reliable transport in Dili.


Fly Bus stands out as a reliable and comfortable transportation option in Dili, with generally positive reviews from users. While occasional delays have been reported, the overall experience is favorable, making it a recommended choice for travelers in the city.

Explore Dili with the convenience and comfort of Fly Bus services.