Discover the natural beauty of Tiris Manumera, a serene waterfall located in Dili, Timor-Leste. Ranked as the 13th of 15 top things to do in Dili, it offers a refreshing escape into nature.


Type: Waterfall
Rating: 5/5

A Serene Escape

Tiris Manumera is a perfect destination for those looking to explore the natural landscapes of Dili. It’s a place where tranquility meets adventure.

Adventure and Exploration

  • Guided Adventure: Visitors recommend being accompanied by local guides for a safe and insightful journey.
  • Terrain: The trail can be slippery and steep, so good footwear is advised.
  • Duration: A visit can extend over 3 hours, allowing ample time to enjoy the surroundings.

Visitor Experience

  • Natural Beauty: The waterfall is a stunning sight, offering a chance to immerse in nature.
  • Refreshing Swim: Take a dip beneath the waterfall for an invigorating experience.
  • Local Interaction: Engage with local guides who offer insights into the area’s history and environment.


  • Preparation: Wear suitable hiking shoes and bring water for the trek.
  • Best Time to Visit: Early morning or late afternoon for the best light and cooler temperatures.
  • For Whom: Ideal for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and those looking for a peaceful retreat.


Tiris Manumera is a must-visit for anyone traveling to Dili. Its untouched beauty and the exhilarating trek make it a memorable experience.

Explore the natural splendor of Tiris Manumera, a refreshing waterfall nestled in the heart of Dili.