Are you gearing up for an adventure? Want to ensure your travel is not only smooth but also smarter? Look no further than Smart Traveller! Registering your travel with Smart Traveller is the savvy choice for any Aussie explorer. From essential updates to vital advice, the Smart Traveller service is your go-to destination for staying informed and safe on your globetrotting journey.

How do I register my travel on smart Traveller?

To keep updated with the latest travel advice and news for your destination, simply subscribe to receive alerts rather than registering your trip. Subscribing ensures you’re informed about any changes or updates that might affect your journey. Stay in the know and enjoy a safer travel experience!

How do I start a travel account?

To kick off a travel account, begin by picking a catchy and straightforward username. Once that’s sorted, hone in on your distinctive style and angle—this will be your personal narrative. Master the art of photography since captivating images are the bread and butter of any successful travel profile. Hook your audience with interactive content and stay active within the community. Spice up your posts with trending travel hashtags to increase visibility. Dive into Instagram Stories and Live features for real-time engagement. And don’t forget to connect with fellow travel enthusiasts—networking can open doors to new adventures and followers. Remember, consistency is key to keeping your followers intrigued and your account buzzing with activity.

What do I need to declare in Australia?

When entering Australia, you need to declare any goods exceeding the duty-free threshold of AUD $900 for adults and AUD $450 for children. This includes items you’ve purchased abroad or from a duty-free shop in Australia. Be mindful of prohibited or restricted items such as certain medications, steroids, firearms, weapons, illegal pornography, and illicit drugs. It’s crucial to comply with these regulations to ensure a smooth journey while keeping aligned with the Smart Traveller guidelines.

Do I need to register travel with DFAT?

No, it’s not compulsory for Aussies heading overseas to log their travel plans with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). If you’re eager to get back Down Under, keep in close touch with your airline or travel agent to suss out your options for flying home.

How do I authenticate a DFAT document?

For a DFAT document to be authenticated, take it to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, where they’ll verify the signature or seal against their database. Following this, they’ll provide you with either an Apostille or an Authentication certificate, depending on the destination country’s requirements. This certification is necessary for the document to be recognised overseas, ensuring smooth sailing for your international engagements.

What document is required for international travel?

For international travel, you’ll need a passport, sometimes complemented by visas depending on your destination. Other valid documents might include a U.S. permanent resident card, a Stateless travel document, a Re-Entry Permit if you’re returning to the U.S., or a NEXUS card, which expedites travel between the U.S. and Canada. For those at sea, a U.S Merchant Mariner Card is acceptable; military personnel can use their military ID. In urgent circumstances, an emergency travel document from an embassy or consulate can facilitate your journey. However, it’s important to note that U.S passport cards cannot be used for international air travel—they’re only valid for land and sea border crossings. Before setting off, check with reliable traveller advice platforms to ensure your documents align with your destination’s requirements. More info

How do I contact Smart Traveller Australia?

To connect with Smart Traveller, the Australian Government’s travel advisory and consular assistance service, simply utilise the online enquiry form for non-urgent matters. If you need to speak to someone directly and you’re in Australia, give them a buzz on 131 232 from Monday to Friday, during the hours of 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Should you be abroad, reach out to the nearest Australian Embassy, High Commission, or Consulate for assistance tailored to Australian travellers. Remember, registering your trip with Smart Traveller keeps you informed and safe on your travels.

Does smart traveller australia have an app?

Absolutely! Smart Traveller Australia offers a mobile application designed to improve your travel experience. You can effortlessly download it and register to access a range of features aimed at making your journey smoother and more enjoyable. Whether it’s flight updates, navigational assistance at the airport, or travel advice – it’s all at your fingertips with the Smart Traveller app.

What app do I need to download to travel to Australia?

To travel to Australia, you need to download the Australian ETA app if you hold an ETA-eligible passport. This app enables you to apply for an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA), a crucial step in preparing your journey. Should you find it challenging to use the app, another option is to lodge a visa application through ImmiAccount online to find a visa that fits your travel needs. It’s a smart move to acquaint yourself with the app or online process in advance to ensure your Aussie adventure begins smoothly. More info

What is the app for Australia entry?

For those planning to enter Australia, the required app is the Australian ETA app, which caters to all eligible jurisdictions. If you satisfy the ETA conditions, you can easily apply via this digital platform. To get started on your smart traveller journey, simply visit the relevant app marketplace, be it Apple’s App Store or Google Play for Android users, and download the Australian ETA application. Enjoy a hassle-free process to register your travel!

What app do I need to download to travel?

G’day mate! For a bonza travel experience, you’ll want to load up your smartphone with some top-notch apps. First up, grab Google Maps to help you navigate the streets like a local. Keen for a getaway? Skyscanner will be your go-to for sniffing out the best deals on flights and accommodation. If you’re not sure what to chuck in your bag, PackPoint’s a ripper for packing smart according to your destination and the weather. And don’t go past Tripadvisor to help you suss out the best spots and travel tips. Safe travels and don’t forget, registering your trip with Smart Traveller is a wise move to stay informed and safe while you’re off adventuring! More info

What is the purpose of Smart Traveller?

Smart Traveller is designed to support Aussie globetrotters by keeping them up to date with comprehensive travel advisories and guidance for various international destinations. When you register your journey with Smart Traveller, you’re signing up to receive critical information to help ensure your trip is as safe and informed as possible. Whether it’s tips on local customs, health precautions, or updates on changing travel conditions, Smart Traveller provides an essential lifeline for Australians on the move abroad.

Should I register with Smart Traveller?

Absolutely, it’s wise to sign up with Smart Traveller for the places you’ll be heading to and those you’ll be passing through. Even though they ceased pre-trip registration back in 2019, staying informed through their updates can be pivotal for a safe and smooth journey. It ensures you have access to the latest travel advisories and essential information for your destination.

How much does it cost to join Smart Traveller?

Joining Smart Traveller doesn’t cost a penny – it’s completely complimentary! Get savvy with your travels and enrol at no charge to stay informed and secure on your adventures.

What is a Level 3 country?

A Level 3 country is one where you’re advised to rethink your plans due to significant threats to personal safety or security. Before organising a trip to such a destination, it’s wise to check updates and consider the implications on your well-being, potentially altering your travel agenda. Engage with advice from smart traveller resources to stay informed about the risks involved. More info


In the world of travel, staying connected and informed is key to a successful and enjoyable adventure. If you’re planning a trip, registering your travel with Smart Traveller is an absolute must. By signing up, you gain access to essential guidance, travel advisories, and updates that can make all the difference for a safe and informed journey. It’s all about making your travel experience smarter and more secure. So, be sure to hop on board and join the Smart Traveller community for your upcoming travels!