December 27, 2023 – The National Police of Timor-Leste (PNTL) has issued a warning that the use of fireworks is only permitted on New Year’s Eve. This announcement comes after several complaints, primarily from residents in Díli.

Superintendent João Belo dos Reis of the PNTL stated, “The police warn that fireworks are only allowed on New Year’s Eve. If anyone is caught setting off fireworks, the police will act and may detain individuals.” He made these remarks during a press conference to review incidents that occurred over the weekend and during Christmas.

In Díli, fireworks were set off during this period, sometimes lasting until the early hours of the morning. João Belo dos Reis appealed to the public to avoid drunk driving and to adhere to traffic rules to prevent accidents.

Additionally, the PNTL’s commander-general reported that three individuals were detained over the last weekend and on Christmas Day for involvement in a robbery and assault in the municipality of Bobonaro. These two incidents are currently under investigation by the authorities.