Discover the diverse attractions and activities in Timor-Leste, offering a blend of historical, cultural, and natural experiences.

1. The Archives & Museum of East Timorese Resistance

  • Type: Speciality Museums
  • Highlights: Insight into the history and struggle of Timor Leste for independence.

2. Cristo Rei

  • Type: Monuments & Statues
  • Highlights: Beautiful views on a sunny day, impressive statue.

3. Cemetery of Santa Cruz

  • Type: Cemeteries
  • Highlights: Historical significance, old gravestones, and a reminder of the events during the struggle for independence.

4. Jaco Island

  • Type: Islands
  • Highlights: Clear water, snorkeling, beautiful beaches, and serene environment.

5. Mt Ramelau

  • Type: Mountains
  • Highlights: Breathtaking sunrise views, pilgrimage site, and stunning natural scenery.

6. Arte Moris

  • Type: Art Galleries
  • Highlights: Mural artworks and sculptures showcasing local art and culture.

7. Comarca Balide Prison

  • Type: Government Buildings
  • Highlights: History of political prisoners, museum, and personal stories.

8. Tasitolu

  • Type: Nature & Wildlife Areas
  • Highlights: Statue of Pope JP II, natural beauty.

9. Akrema Beach

  • Type: Beaches
  • Highlights: Paradise-like setting, fishing opportunities, ideal for camping.

10. Dare War Memorial Museum

  • Type: Military Museums
  • Highlights: Historical exhibits, beautiful mountain bike rides, local plant sales.

11. Mount Ramelau

  • Type: Mountains
  • Highlights: Early morning hikes, stunning sunrise views, and cultural significance.

12. Immaculate Conception Cathedral

  • Type: Churches & Cathedrals
  • Highlights: Impressive interior, modern stained glass windows.

13. Chega! Exhibition

  • Type: History Museums
  • Highlights: Information about Timor’s history, struggle for independence, and prison cells exhibit.

14. Old Ai Pelo Prison

  • Type: History Museums
  • Highlights: Historical landmark, preservation work, serene settings.

15. Largo de Lecidere

  • Type: Parks
  • Highlights: Ideal place to relax, close to restaurants and shops, street food available.

16. One Dollar Beach

  • Type: Beaches
  • Highlights: Scenic beach with amenities, ideal for a peaceful visit.

17. Xanana Gusmão Reading Room

  • Type: Libraries
  • Highlights: Resource center for researchers and students, houses various collections.

18. Tiris Manumera

  • Type: Waterfalls
  • Highlights: Adventurous trail, local guides, natural beauty.

19. Marobo Hot Springs

  • Type: Hot Springs & Geysers
  • Highlights: Natural pools at different temperatures, nestled in mountains.

20. Piscina de Baucau

  • Type: Sports Complexes
  • Highlights: Natural spring water swimming pool, refreshed regularly.

21. St. Anthony’s Cathedral

  • Type: Religious Sites, Churches & Cathedrals
  • Highlights: Located in Kota Lama, historic architecture.

22. Dili Vanilli

  • Type: Farms
  • Highlights: Hidden gem, friendly staff, worth the visit.

23. Hato Bulico

  • Type: Lookouts
  • Highlights: Scenic views.

24. Nino Konis Santana National Park

  • Type: National Parks
  • Highlights: Natural beauty, biodiversity.

25. Lotus Warrior Tomb

  • Type: Cemeteries
  • Highlights: Historical significance.

26. Venilale Tourist Centre

  • Type: Visitor Centers
  • Highlights: Guided tours to natural bridges and waterfalls.

27. Motael Church

  • Type: Churches & Cathedrals
  • Highlights: Oldest Roman Catholic church in the country, historical significance.

28. Jaco Island

  • Type: Islands
  • Highlights: Pristine beaches, tranquil environment.

29. Tais Market

  • Type: Speciality & Gift Shops
  • Highlights: Local artisans, traditional products, unique shopping experience.

30. Dive Timor Lorosae

  • Type: Scuba & Snorkelling, Boat Tours
  • Highlights: Diverse marine life, beautiful dive sites.

31. The Spa

  • Type: Spas
  • Highlights: Professional massage, pedicure, manicure, and great coffee.
  • Reviewer’s Comment: Professional staff, relaxing atmosphere.

32. Alola Foundation Center & Shop

  • Type: Speciality & Gift Shops
  • Highlights: Beautifully made products, mostly from tais, supporting local communities.
  • Reviewer’s Comment: Helpful and friendly staff, high-quality crafts.

33. Fly Bus

  • Type: Taxis & Shuttles
  • Highlights: Reliable transportation service from hotel to airport.
  • Reviewer’s Comment: Fast response via email or text, comfortable service.

34. Empreza Di’ak

  • Type: Speciality & Gift Shops
  • Highlights: Works from all over the island, artisan products for local use and as gifts.
  • Reviewer’s Comment: Supports a good cause, reducing poverty in remote communities.

35. Things and Stories

  • Type: Speciality & Gift Shops
  • Highlights: Lovely fabrics, jewellery, wood carvings, and more.
  • Reviewer’s Comment: Wide variety of items, though prices are on the higher side.

36. Timor Adventures

  • Type: Cultural Tours, Historical & Heritage Tours
  • Highlights: Local guide providing insight into life in East Timor.
  • Reviewer’s Comment: Informative and enriching experience.

37. Compass Diving

  • Type: Scuba & Snorkelling, Boat Tours
  • Highlights: Minimalist but comfortable accommodation on Atauro Island.
  • Reviewer’s Comment: Great dive resort for a remote and rustic experience.

38. Ponkys Cocktail Lounge

  • Type: Bars & Clubs
  • Highlights: Tropical theme, varied clientele, great cocktails.
  • Reviewer’s Comment: Inviting atmosphere, perfect for a night out.

39. Aquatica Dive Resort

  • Type: Scuba & Snorkelling
  • Highlights: Family-like atmosphere, excellent diving and accommodation.
  • Reviewer’s Comment: Attentive and accommodating staff, great food.

40. Empreza Diak

  • Type: Speciality & Gift Shops
  • Highlights: Authentic Timorese artisanal products, supports local communities.
  • Reviewer’s Comment: Positive impact on reducing poverty in rural areas.

41. Club 88

  • Type: Bars & Clubs
  • Highlights: Billiard available, unique club experience.
  • Reviewer’s Comment: Fewer people before midnight, challenging to find.

42. Maubara Traditional Tais Market

  • Type: Speciality & Gift Shops
  • Highlights: Hand-made products, great for gift-giving, friendly workers.
  • Reviewer’s Comment: Cheaper prices compared to Dili, vast product variety.

43. Bliss Massage Therapy

  • Type: Spas
  • Highlights: Professional massage services.
  • Reviewer’s Comment: Ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation.

44. Timor Unearthed Tours

  • Type: Private Tours
  • Highlights: Diverse activities like hiking, snorkelling, and cultural visits.
  • Reviewer’s Comment: Unforgettable experience around Timor-Leste.

45. Juventude ba Dezenvolvimentu Násional (JDN)

  • Type: Cultural Tours, Historical & Heritage Tours
  • Highlights: “Women of Timor-Leste” tour, knowledgeable guides.
  • Reviewer’s Comment: Informative and engaging tour experience.

46. Eco Discovery

  • Type: Multi-day Tours, Cultural Tours
  • Highlights: Tailored itinerary, cultural immersion.
  • Reviewer’s Comment: Gratitude for the excellent organization and experience.

47. Dreamers Dive Academy

  • Type: Scuba & Snorkelling, Lessons & Workshops
  • Highlights: Professional guidance, well-planned diving activities.
  • Reviewer’s Comment: High-quality courses and enjoyable surface intervals.

48. Manny Timor Tours

  • Type: Multi-day Tours, 4WD, ATV & Off-Road Tours
  • Highlights: Adventure tours across Timor-Leste.

49. Timor-Leste

  • Type: City Tours, Multi-day Tours
  • Highlights: Explore cities and regions of Timor-Leste.

50. JUBENTÓS Timor Adventures

  • Type: Cultural Tours
  • Highlights: Customizable tours, reliable and knowledgeable guide.
  • Reviewer’s Comment: Insightful, personalized experiences.

51. Total Timor Tours

  • Type: 4WD, ATV & Off-Road Tours, Taxis & Shuttles
  • Highlights: Bike rental service for independent exploration.
  • Reviewer’s Comment: High-quality scooters, flexible travel options.

52. Balibo Trails

  • Type: Walking Tours
  • Highlights: Community initiative, guided walks in Balibo.
  • Reviewer’s Comment: Insightful local guide, authentic experience.

53. Sunshine Divers

  • Type: Scuba & Snorkelling
  • Highlights: Beautiful coral reefs, convenient amenities.
  • Reviewer’s Comment: Good for beginners, need to communicate with guides.

54. Total Timor Tours

  • Type: Multi-day Tours, 4WD, ATV & Off-Road Tours
  • Highlights: Adventure tours, exploring the natural beauty of Timor-Leste.

55. JUBENTÓS Timor Adventures

  • Type: Motorcycle Tours
  • Highlights: Motorcycle tours offering unique perspectives of Timor-Leste.

56. Balibo Trails

  • Type: Walking Tours
  • Highlights: Community-based tours, cultural and natural exploration.

Continue exploring these diverse attractions for a memorable and enriching experience in Timor-Leste.

Information compiled from Tripadvisor reviews and listings.