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Category: Video


Whale and Dolphin Superhighway 

Episode 5 of “Timor-Leste from Below” found an underwater superhighway in Timor Leste. Get ready for this not-that-speedy dive. Episode 5: Whale and Dolphin Superhighway “In this episode, we show you a whale and dolphin superhighway Head skyward for a cetacean survey And get surrounded…


Real Mermaids Found in Timor-Leste 

Do you believe in Mermaids? You should because they exist in East Timor. These are the mermaids of Timor-Leste, known locally as the Wawata Topu (women divers). The forth episode of “Timor-Leste from Below” recorded them. Episode 4: Timor-Leste Mermaids “In this episode, we take…