January 7, 2024 – In a significant stride towards healthcare reform, Timor-Leste has launched an ambitious Integrated Health Program (IHP), marking a pivotal step towards achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) for all its citizens. This development is a clear indication of the nation’s dedication to ensuring that every individual has access to necessary health services without financial hardship.

The IHP is a holistic approach to healthcare, encompassing not only curative services but also focusing on preventive, promotive, and rehabilitative care. This program is particularly crucial for Timor-Leste, as it aims to build a health system that is inclusive, efficient, and resilient.

One of the groundbreaking initiatives under this program is the tuberculosis screening campaign, utilizing state-of-the-art, AI-enabled portable digital x-ray machines. This initiative extends even to the most remote communities, illustrating the government’s commitment to healthcare accessibility.

In addition to TB screening, the program has significantly bolstered eye care services through regular outreach activities, ensuring timely diagnosis and intervention, especially for young and elderly patients.

The Ministry of Health has also made notable progress in increasing hospital bed capacity, including in critical care units, and is continuously working to expand medical expertise. The establishment of the first health simulation-based skills center in Baucau, with plans for more such centers, is expected to significantly improve the quality of medical care.

The WHO, as a trusted partner, has lauded these efforts and expressed optimism that the IHP will further strengthen healthcare interventions in Timor-Leste through effective coordination and integration of its key pillars.

For more information on Timor-Leste’s groundbreaking healthcare initiative, visit the WHO website.