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Category: Timor


What is the Population of Timor Leste? 

The population of Timor Leste data is mainly obtained from population and housing censuses conducted in 2015. The East Timor population and housing censuses are conducted on a “de facto” basis as a reference point. All the people present in the country on that reference…


Mount Ramelau coffee at Starbucks 

Coffee lovers around the world will now be able to experience and taste the unique flavor of Mount Ramelau coffee. Mount Ramelau, also known as Tatamailau, which means “Grandfather of All”, is the tallest mountain in Timor-Leste with a prosperous and fertile ecology that provides…


National Day of Timorese Culture 

The Government of Timor-Leste approved the creation of the National Day of Timorese culture. October 14th was the chosen day to celebrate the cultural diversity of Timor-Leste because it’s the birthday of the Timorese poet Francisco Borja da Costa. Francisco Borja da Costa, who participated…