Lisbon (O Turismo) – Continuing the cooperation agreements in the area of tourism between Portugal and the CPLP countries, the first meeting of CPLP tourism technicians will be held in Lisbon from 03 to 05 June.

Good tourism practices in Portugal will be shared with tourism technicians from Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Sao Tome, and Principe and Timor Leste, on 03 and 05 June at the Portuguese Tourism School, in the framework of the Strategic Plan for Tourism Cooperation of the CPLP.

Based on the analysis of Portugal’s success story and the Tourism Strategy 2027 – a national, consensual and shared strategy with a clear long-term vision – “the objective is to enable these agents to promote tourism as a factor of economic development, environmental preservation, cultural enhancement, and social welfare. “

During three days, Turismo de Portugal will share with the more than two dozen technicians from the countries mentioned, “the experience and knowledge on destination qualification, tourism product structuring, investment capture, local network dynamization, territorial and digital marketing, innovation, markets, production of content and instruments to support tourism. “

Participants will be presented with tools that will help them attract investors and capture and mobilize the business fabric for tourism development. Support for the creation and re-qualification of tourism products and cooperation between tourism administrative structures are other areas to be addressed.

This action also integrates a practical component, in workshops on the platforms of knowledge Business Intelligence and SigTur, investment and innovation, the practice of the game in Portugal, products, experiences and professional qualification.

The program also has visits to some practical cases on 06 and 07 June. In addition to the Shale Villages, Historic Villages and Naturtejo Geopark, there will also be a practical case of the Revive Program, the São Paulo Convent in Elvas, the first property to be submitted and which is in an advanced stage of work, with its opening as a four-star unit.

The Secretary of State for Tourism, Ana Mendes Godinho, will participate in a meeting with these technicians, at 12:30 next Monday, 03, at the Portuguese Tourism School of Lisbon.