November 22, 2023 – Timor-Leste’s Prime Minister, Xanana Gusmão, has expressed a strong commitment to consolidating the Portuguese language in the country. This pledge was made during a meeting with Zacarias da Costa, the Executive Secretary of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP).

In this key meeting, Gusmão reiterated Timor-Leste’s involvement and dedication to the CPLP. Zacarias da Costa highlighted the importance of the Portuguese language’s consolidation in Timor-Leste, which was a central topic of discussion.

Prime Minister Gusmão informed the CPLP Secretary that the government is actively supporting the CAFÉ project, aimed at continuing the training of trainers. These Centers for Learning and School Training are part of the Portuguese cooperation initiative.

The commitment to strengthen the Portuguese language is not only a priority for Timor-Leste but also for collaboration with other CPLP member states, particularly Portugal and Brazil. This effort aims to make the reinforcement of the Portuguese language a reality in the near future.

Gusmão’s engagement with CPLP activities, especially since the last summit, was evident during the meeting. Topics such as youth, CPLP games scheduled for 2025 in Timor-Leste, the integration program of Equatorial Guinea, and the CPLP special fund were also discussed.

Zacarias da Costa, a former chief of Timorese diplomacy, began his visit to Timor-Leste this Tuesday, planning several meetings with the authorities of Timor-Leste. This visit marks a significant step in strengthening linguistic and cultural ties within the CPLP.