Timor Leste Coffee arrives in Poland through a distribution agreement with Biedronka, the retail chain of Jerónimo Martins in that market, and is available in more than 2,900 stores in 1,100 locations.

 “It is with great satisfaction that we entered the Polish market, in partnership with Biedronka, the retail leader in Poland. The agreement provides for the entry of the Delta Cafés and Delta Q brands, but other opportunities are being evaluated according to our strategic priorities and market potential. This entry confirms the importance and the weight of exports in the group, which already represent more than 30% of the billing, “says Rui Miguel Nabeiro, Nabeiro-Delta Cafés Group administrator.

The Delta Q system, launched by Delta Cafés in 2007, enters this new market with two machines: Qool Evolution, an easy and intuitive machine for the daily coffee ritual, and Milk Qool Evolution, with an extra milk deposit that allows prepare all beverages with any type of fresh milk (such as gallons or cappuccinos). Five varieties of capsules Qalidus, Qharacter, aQtivus, Qonvictus, and Malay Origin, a special blend from Timor Leste, are also introduced on the Polish market. “We are delighted to make Delta Q’s capsule system available in Biedronka’s exclusive offering. The Delta Q offering will be available in all our stores in 1,100 Polish cities and towns, allowing a large product distribution network, “says Michal Gontarz, Sales Director at Jerónimo Martins Polska.

The Delta Q brand thus reinforces one of its main pillars of growth: internationalization.